Early Learning

ELC Staff

The team at Emmanuel Anglican College Early Learning Centre are committed to providing a safe, warm, caring and positive learning environment. Their wide range of worldviews, theories and philosophies help inform and define their everyday practice.  They are keystones in the quality and effectiveness of the overall early childhood learning and development that occurs at EAC.

Our staff hold a range of Early Childhood qualifications and first aid certificates.  All staff participate in ongoing professional development and many are following a path of continuing education.

Nicole Wilson, Early Learning Centre Director

Part of the Early Learning Centre Team since 2004, Nicole has a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and has more than 25 years experience in early childhood education.  Nicole is passionate about providing experiences, resources and an environment that allows children opportunities to explore and investigate the world around them and supports the development of their emerging skills.  As Director of the Early Learning Centre, Nicole has created a nurturing environment that allows children the time to master new challenges through play based experiences that are meaningful to them.


Heather Woolcott has been part of the Early Learning Centre Team since 2011.  There is a warmth in her greetings to all families and always a big smile on her face.  Previously, Heather has worked at childcare centres in Brisbane and in schools as a Prep Teacher Aid in Toowoomba.  The draw of the beach soon took hold and Heather found a place within the team at EAC.  Heather holds an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services.  Heather is connects deeply with the environment and the role of nature in play based learning.  Heather can often be found in the mud kitchen or the sand pit having just as much fun as the children!


Emma Wright, a former student of Emmanuel Anglican College, has always gravitated towards working with children and understanding the complexity that surrounds their every day.  Emma has been a member of the team since the end of 2019 and has a diploma of Early
Childhood Education and Care.  You’ll quite often see her in the afternoon taking the children for walks around the College campus and showing them what it is like to be a student of Emmanuel Anglican College.  You can also find Emma exploring her passion for art with the children in the different art spaces that are set up in the ELC.  In her spare time, Emma is either spending time with friends and family, walking along the beach with her dog Daisy or teaching herself new things that she can pass onto the children at the ELC.


Emma Wright, Early Learning Educator

Rachel Mills

Rachel Mills, Early Learning Educator

Bethany Ferguson

Bethany Ferguson, Early Learning Educator