Early Learning

ELC Staff

The team at Emmanuel Anglican College Early Learning Centre are committed to providing a safe, warm, caring and positive learning environment. Their wide range of worldviews, theories and philosophies help inform and define their everyday practice.  They are keystones in the quality and effectiveness of the overall early childhood learning and development that occurs at EAC.

Our staff hold a range of Early Childhood qualifications and first aid certificates.  All staff participate in ongoing professional development and many are following a path of continuing education.

Early Childhood Teachers

Natasha Livock - Early Learning Centre Director, has been working in the Early Learning Centre Team since 2018.  Natasha has a Bachelor in Primary Education and a Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education, working as an educator for 25 years.  Natasha is an advocate for the rights of young children.  Natasha believes that all children have the right to quality and engaging early childhood education and care experiences.  Natasha is passionate about real and authentic engagement with the natural world and the local environment.  Natasha likes to encourage children to take risks, to think, to be problem-solvers and to understand their emotional selves. Natasha is a quality educator who values the moments that make childhood magical.


Nicole Wilson has been working in the Early Learning Centre Team since 2004.  Nicole has earned a Bachelor in Education - Early Childhood, and has 20 years of experience in Early Childhood education. Nicole sees her role as an educator is to provide experiences, resources and an environment that allows for the opportunity to explore, investigate and supports the development of a child's emerging skills. Nicole believes that children are learning all the time and that it’s important to create an environment that allows children the time to master new challenges through play based experiences that are meaningful to them.  Nicole wants all children to feel a sense of being, belonging and becoming. In her spare time, Nicole loves spending time with her family which includes lots of time spent at the beach.


Early Childhood Educators

Rebecca Brooks has been working in the Early Learning Centre Team since 2011. Prior to that, she worked at the Southern Cross University Children’s Centre.  Rebecca has earned a Diploma in Children’s Services and is working her way towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood. Rebecca loves sports, the outdoors, and spending time with her two daughters.  Rebecca loves being able to share her passion for gross motor skill activities with the ELC children.



Siteri Docherty has been working in the Early Learning Centre Team since 2014.  Siteri has earned a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and is busily working towards a Diploma.   Prior to working in childcare, Siteri was happily raising her two daughters and chose a career in childcare because she loves the little ones. For Siteri, a favourite part of her job is EVERYTHING!  She loves coming to work and can’t ever see herself leaving the ELC.  In her spare time, Siteri loves to spend time with her family.


Max Hickey, a former student of Emmanuel Anglican College, has been working in the Early Learning Centre Team since 2017.  He holds a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education.  Max can mostly be found in the Early Learning Centre gardens, running around or kicking a ball with the children. Max finds working with children to be a very rewarding and enjoyable job whilst also being a lot of fun.  Outside of work, Max spends his spare time playing lots of sport, including soccer and cricket.


Simmion Kelly joined the Early Learning Centre Team in 2019, working in After College Hours Care (ACHC) and Vacation Care.  Simmion is responsible for ensuring quality teaching and learning across these programs for school aged children. She has a Certificate III in Education Support and is currently studying a Diploma in Sports and Recreation Management.  Simmion welcomes all families and is open to engaging in a collaborative partnership with families regarding the ACHC and Vacation Care programs.


Cassie Uretir joined the team in July 2018.  Cassie is currently working towards a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Cassie loves working with young children; helping them to learn, grow, play, and find their place in their ever-expanding world. Cassie believes that education must focus on the individual needs of the child. It is her personal goal to strive to provide every young child with enriching experiences that not only help them to learn and develop cognitively, but also to develop and grow emotionally and socially. It is her belief that every child has the right to feel safe, secure, respected and celebrated in their life and their learning environment.


Heather Woolcott has been part of the Early Learning Centre Team since 2011.  There is a warmth in her greetings to all families and always a big smile on her face.  Previously, Heather has worked at a variety of Childcare Centres in Brisbane and started working in the school environment as a Prep Teacher Aid in Toowoomba.  The draw of the beach soon took hold and Heather found a place within the team at EAC. Heather holds an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services. Heather is interested in the outdoor environment and the role of play in nature.  Heather can often be found in the mud kitchen or the sand pit having just as much fun as the children. Heather enjoys live music, mountain walks and spending time with family at the beach.


Benika Duncan is a fun-loving, enthusiastic and friendly educator in our learning community.  Benika is passionate about the creativity, curiosity and unique capabilities within each student, seeking to draw these out in her practice.  With a keen interest in children and youth, Benika volunteers as a Kids Church and Youth Group leader in her local church, where she also enjoys playing drums and guitar as part of the worship band.  Benika will complete her Diploma of Leadership in 2020, after which she plans to undertake a Bachelor of Education, Primary and Secondary.  Benika reflects on the profound and lasting impact that committed and caring teachers had throughout her schooling, desiring to create this same experience for our students and families.  In her spare time, Benika enjoys the occasional early morning surf, coffee with family and friends, practicing music and a variety of sports.  Benika looks forward to building a meaningful and supportive relationship with each family in our learning community.