Enrichment & Extension

The College has established a number of initiatives to develop and enrich those students who have displayed significant potential and talent in a particular area of the curriculum. These programs provide students with access to specialist teachers and resources to enable them to explore their areas of interest and potential. Students undertaking these programs have the opportunity to study, explore and practice concepts, theories and skills which will enrich and extend them in those areas of learning where they have displayed potential or talent.

The Mathematics Enrichment, Extension Acceleration Program is designed to cater specifically for those students that have a demonstrated command of mathematic reasoning and problem solving. Students are invited to undertake mathematics courses and content that cater for their ability and allows them to work at a pace and level which is more challenging and rewarding.  

All students also have the opportunity to participate in a range of co-curricular activities that promote opportunities for enrichment and extension such as the Tournament of Minds, Mock Trial, SCU Science and Engineering Challenge and participating in the University of New South Wales Mathematics, English and Science competitions.