Sport and Coaching

The College has a strong belief in Education and Development of the whole person. As such, physical activity is an integral part of the programme at Emmanuel Anglican College.

The Sports programme is aimed at providing a balance between individual and team sports and between competitive and recreational sports.

Emmanuel Anglican College is a member of the North Coast Independent Schools (NCIS) Sports Association. The member schools come from across the Northern Rivers region extending from Tweed Heads to Kempsey and West to Armidale. NCIS provides an avenue for students to progress to State representation via the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) system and All Schools.

Students at EAC are placed into one of four Houses. Inter-house competition takes place between these Houses to select teams to represent the College at regional (NCIS) level.

Primary and Secondary students are involved in a weekly sporting program that compliments the classroom Physical Education Personal Development and Health Curriculum and the Representative Sport Program.

Sport at EAC

Primary Students are involved in a range of activities including martial arts, little athletics, dance and intensive swimming and team sports.

Secondary Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports including the following.

  • Basketball
  • Cross Fit
  • Field Sports
  • Futsal
  • Gym Classes
  • Golf
  • Lawn Bowls
  • Martial Arts
  • Skateboarding
  • Walking
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Tennis


College Sport

Students are selected to represent Emmanuel Anglican College.

North Coast Independent Schools (NCIS)

Depending on the sport, students will attend NCIS team events as part of an EAC team or an NCIS individual trial.

NSW Combined Independent Schools (NSWCIS)

Again, depending on the sport, students can attend NSWCIS events as part of an NCIS team or some sports are individual nominations directly to CIS level.

NSW All Schools (Secondary) / NSW Primary Schools Sporting Association (Primary)

For secondary students, NSW All Schools, also known as State,  is where the three NSW educational sectors all meet, NSWCIS, NSW Combined High Schools (CHS) and NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC). Students from EAC have the opportunity to represent NSWCIS at All Schools events.

For primary students, NSWPSSA is essentially the same as NSW All Schools. Students from EAC who are selected to represent NSWCIS will compete at NSWPSSA events for a place in the state team.

School Sport Australia

This is the highest level of representation, where students who are successful at NSW All Schools are selected to represent NSW against the other states.

NSW Primary School Sport Representative Pathway
NSW Primary School Sport Representative Pathway
NSW Secondary School Sport Representative Pathway
NSW Secondary School Sport Representative Pathway