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In 2014 EAC celebrated the tenth anniversary of the formation of our Alumni - a celebration of the ten Year 12 cohorts that have graduated from EAC.

An Alumni Celebration evening was held at the College and past students, College Council Members and Staff were invited. 2009 College Captain Zachary Smeckel spoke about what it was like being at student at EAC, and Rev’d Greg Ezzy read some thoughts from Bishop Geoff Smith who was the Parish Priest when EAC was formed, and a founding College Council member. Bishop Geoff reflected “My memories of the establishment of EAC are a mix of terror and excitement.”

As we found ex-students in preparation for this event, it was intriguing to hear the diverse range of career and life paths that they have chosen - from Brendan Davis (class of 2005) who is a Lawyer in New York, to Amy Burgess (class of 2007) who works in the Federal Department of Finance, Attorney-General’s Department contributing to the Federal Budget, and Lily Brand (class of 2011) who is studying a Masters in Museum Studies and Art History at UQ.

We look forward to following all of our EAC Alumni as they travel the varied paths they have chosen in life.

If you are a part of the EAC Alumni we’d love to hear what you are doing. Please email enquiries@eac.nsw.edu.au and let us know where you are now!

EAC Alumni Celebration

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