Pastoral Care

Emmanuel Anglican College is a place where every student is known, valued, cared for and respected. There is a very strong emphasis across the College on the wellbeing of each individual student. We aim to develop a community in which each student has the opportunity to grow and learn in an affirming and supportive environment.

The Classroom Teachers in the primary years and the Pastoral Care Teacher in the secondary years are central to the pastoral care system operating at the College. Each of these teachers are part of a Pastoral Care team which is lead and supported by a Welfare Coordinator. The College works in strong partnership with families to develop a network of support for all students.

House System

Each student is placed in one of four Houses. Houses are groups that perform pastoral leadership and developmental functions and which foster participation in the wider College community.

Emmanuel Anglican College has four Houses – Brockington (blue), Purcival (green), Smith (red) and Walker (yellow). These House names originate from individuals who have played a significant role in the foundation and life of the College. Children are allocated a House when they join the College and stay with that House for their entire College life. Family members are grouped in the same House. House spirit and House pride are encouraged. Members of staff are assigned to each House.

EAC Houses

Student Leadership

Opportunities for student leadership form an integral part of the Pastoral Care Program of Emmanuel Anglican College. In a structured and supportive environment students can show initiative, plan and follow through projects and contribute to the growth and improvement of the College. Leadership opportunities also enrich student character and provide a forum for the application of important personal qualities such as commitment, responsibility and enthusiasm. Students are actively encouraged to take on roles of leadership both within and beyond the College.

Formal opportunities for leadership within the College include the Student Representative Council, House Captains, Sports Captains, Band Captains and College Captains. Students in both the Primary and Secondary School have access to these leadership structures.

The College actively participates in many civil and community activities and regularly invites students to represent the College at such events.