COVID-19 GUIDELINES as at 22 July 2022

Emmanuel Anglican College Community Update: 22 July 2022

Adjustment to COVID-19 settings in schools

Dear students, staff and families

Following consultation with representatives from Independent, Catholic and Government Schools, The New South Wales Government has updated the COVID-safe settings for all schools.  The following is a summary of the changes.


  • Currently masks are no longer mandatory for staff or students in the in the Early Learning Centre, Primary School and Secondary School
  • Masks are available at the College reception for any staff or students who wish to wear one

Provision of additional Rapid Antigen Home Test (RAHT) Kits

  • The NSW Government has agreed to provide an additional 8 RAHT kits to each student and staff member to be used for ‘symptomatic testing’ across the remainder of the term
  • We anticipate these kits will be delivered to EAC in the next two weeks and once available, a distribution plan will be announced

Continuation of good health and hygiene habits

  • Any students and staff with cold and flu like symptoms or respiratory illness are to stay home, seek medical advice and get tested for COVID-19
  • They are not to return to school until symptoms are resolved
  • Regular hand washing will be encouraged throughout the school day
  • Hand sanitisers will be readily available and all toilets have soap dispensers
  • Additional cleaning of facilities and surfaces will occur during the day
  • Students are to bring water bottles to school as bubblers are refilling stations only
  • Doors and windows across the College will be open to promote cross flow ventilation

Testing positive to COVID-19

  • Any student or staff member who tests positive to COVID-19 is required to follow NSW Health requirements under the Public Health Order for testing positive and self-isolation
  • Currently the requirements are:
    • Isolate for 7 days following the positive test
    • Leave isolation after 7 days if no symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, cough or shortness of breath)
    • If there are symptoms after 7 days, then remain in isolation until 24 hours after symptoms have resolved
    • If a person continues to have symptoms, they are able to leave isolation after 7 days with a medical clearance.
  • Staff and students who return a positive RAHT result must register it on the Service NSW app or service.nsw.gov.au website as soon as possible
  • Staff and students who receive a positive PCR or RAHT result must tell their school as soon as possible and follow NSW Health advice
  • Once a person who has tested positive to COVID-19 has finished their isolation period as detailed above, they can immediately return to school settings
  • Household contacts and requirements to isolate
  • Household/close contacts do not need to self-isolate if they do not have any symptoms, but must follow the NSW Health Household and Close Contact Guidelines for 7 days from the last time someone in their household tested positive for COVID-19

Household and Close Contact Guidelines state:

  • If you have or develop symptoms, you must self-isolate and get tested for COVID-19
  • If your test result is positive, you must follow the Testing Positive to COVID-19 and Managing COVID-19 Safely at Home advice
  • If your test result is negative, stay home until you do not have any symptoms
  • The NSW Health Household and Close Contact Guidelines requires students and staff members to notify the school if they are a household/close contact

Managing students who become unwell at school

  • If a child has symptoms or is sick they must stay at home and get tested
  • If they present at school with symptoms, they will be sent to Sick Bay and their parents contacted to come and collect them

General health advice
I ask all families to stay informed of the latest health advice, to be proactive in supporting our community efforts to protect ourselves against the risk of illness and to take up the opportunity to get your children vaccinated.  The latest NSW Health advice can be found at
https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19.  Once again, I thank you for your support, patience and goodwill as we continue to navigate these
uncertain times together.

Your faithfully

Mr Francis McGuigan
Acting Principal