Naming of the Multi Purpose Centre: “The Lindsay Walker Centre”

I am very excited to announce that the College Council has decided to name the Multi Purpose Centre in honour of Mr Lindsay Walker and it be known as The Lindsay Walker Centre.

Lindsay has been directly involved with the College since 1997 when Rev Geoff Smith, Rector for St Mary’s Anglican Parish, sought his assistance with the search for an appropriate site for the establishment of the College. In 2000, he joined College Council and excluding a short break between 2003-2005, he has been a member of College Council for most of the life of the College.

Lindsay managed the negotiations and purchase of the Horizon Drive site and has been directly involved in the construction of every building on this site. Lindsay has generously donated an enormous amount of time and expertise throughout his 25 year connection with EAC. The quality of the design and construction of every building reflects Lindsay's expertise and uncompromising determination to get the very best outcome for the students and families of the College. His legacy is embedded in the fabric of every building and, as a result, every student and staff member of the College is impacted on a daily basis by his effort and contribution.

The Multi Purpose Centre is the most significant construction project the College has ever undertaken in scale, scope and cost. It will be a space where all our community can come together to share and celebrate our identity, purpose, faith and achievements. As a Founder of the College, House Patron, lifelong Anglican and Trustee of the Diocese of Grafton, Lindsay Walker reflects all that the Multi Purpose Centre represents and as such, is most deserving of having the building named in his honour. We look forward to blessing and opening the Centre later this term.

Mr Robert Tobias