Information Evening for Parents & Carers

Parents and carers of students enrolled in EAC are invited to attend an information evening titled “Safe on Social”. This event will be held on June 15 in the Ezzy centre at 6:30pm. The presenter, Kirra Pendergast, is accredited with the Office of the Commissioner of Children’s eSafety and has many years’ experience presenting digital safety information to parents. The information evening will cover:

  • Using social media with awareness
  • Respecting others online
  • Safe social networking and privacy settings
  • Information permanence and managing your digital footprint
  • Posting and sharing photos
  • Sexting and the legal consequences of producing and sharing child pornography
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Identity theft
  • Age restrictions and why they should be respected
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Gaming network dangers
  • Popular apps and their specific risks (SnapChat, Musical.ly, Yellow, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Gaming, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Omegle, and others)

This evening is for parents to have an opportunity to learn about their children’s online world and seek answers to questions that they may have about digital safety. It is only for parents as the material covered is presented at adult audience. For more information please visit the website ‘Safe on Social’ at the link http://safeonsocial.com/.

This information evening forms part of the College’s education program on cybersafety. In term 4 last year, Stages 3 to 6 completed an online digital safety course. Students in Year 7 and 8 will also participate in an interactive Brainstorm Production in week 10 this term titled ‘Sticks and Stones’. It will review key concepts of cybersafety and cyberbullying with our students. The College is also developing a pastoral care program that is proactively teaching students about online safety.  Please RSVP to Mrs Kathy Carey on kcarey@eac.nsw.edu.au or by calling the office on 6681 5054.