Technology & Learning

A key component of learning at Emmanuel Anglican College involves the integration of technology into the day to day learning experience of the students. Students have access to the vast array of programs, apps and online learning tools available through the internet and both the Windows and MAC platforms. For this generation of students the use and application of such technology is part of their daily life and so integrating it into their learning is an obvious and natural progression. The use of technology also promotes a high level of engagement for all students.

Emmanuel Anglican College currently has three designated technology labs allowing access to both Windows and Mac platforms. Technology is also available for use within each classroom for children from Pre-Kindy to Year 12. In addition the College runs the following technology focused programs.

Technology at EAC


All Year 5 and Year 6 students enhance their learning through the implementation of an iPad program in all areas of learning. Enrichment classes in Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Visual Arts, Music and Drama are offered to all students in Year 5 and Year 6 and all students participate in technology literacy lessons designed to enhance their technological skill and develop each student as a responsible technology user. ‘ilearn@eac’ is wonderful educational opportunity which has proven to be incredibly engaging and beneficial for each and every student.

iLearn @ EAC information booklet

BYOD Program

The College was very excited to introduce this new learning opportunity for all students in Year 5 to 12. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program further provides for innovative, challenging and technological learning opportunities for students. All students are required to bring either a tablet/iPad or laptop to support their learning.

The device supports student learning by:

  • providing access to the internet as well as resources and information from across the world wide web;
  • supporting students in completing, storing and accessing their work via the College network, and
  • providing a platform for them to create, edit and present work in a range of multimedia formats.

2017 BYOD Specs & School Locker Options