About us

Friends of EAC

Jodie Hayter - President

“Friends” provides an integral role in supporting the endeavours of the College.

Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month within the school term.  The meetings are held in the Joan Pickup Library at 7:00pm with everyone in the school community welcome.

The meetings are a great way to learn about school events, general information, school activities, fundraising opportunities and events, and to make new friends.

“Friends” supports the school in a broad range of ways, some of these include:

  • The 2nd hand uniform shop
  • Primary school discos
  • Family and parent events such as the trivia night and Gala dinners
  • Creative arts exhibition
  • Mothers day morning tea
  • Grandparents day
  • Freaky Friday
  • Coordination of Class Parents
  • BBQ’s and canteen at school carnivals
  • EAC Business Directory Registration Form
  • Fundraising and social events

We aim to foster a cooperative supportive and connected community by creating events where parents and families of our school can come together to have fun fundraising.

Any help or involvement is always greatly appreciated, whether you can offer an hour or two of your time volunteering at a BBQ or helping set up for an event, baking a cake or donating items or experiences to raffle or auction, we are always grateful of any help or support.  For more information or opportunities to donate prizes or sponsor an event please click here or contact Friends at friends@eac.nsw.edu.au

How to stay informed and share your ideas:

If you are unable to attend our regular meetings, we encourage all parents and carers to provide us with any comments or suggestions by contacting “Friends” at friends@eac.nsw.edu.au or by leaving a message in the “Friends” pigeon hole at the front office.

To date, Friends have contributed over $250,000 to the EAC Community including:

  • Discovery Centre Art Space
  • Playground equipment
  • Baby grand piano
  • Music equipment
  • Classroom equipment
  • External seating for students
  • Construction of the Undercover Area
  • Classroom and library soft furniture

Second Hand Uniform Shop

EAC Second Hand Uniform Shop

The EAC second hand uniform shop is coordinated by Friends of EAC and run by parent volunteers.

The service is open every Tuesday between 2:30pm to 3:30pm during school term.

All donations are greatly appreciated and can be left at the office at any time.  Money raised from this service is used to support various activities, resources and events within the College.


Class Parents/Facebook groups

EAC recognises the importance of building a strong network of parents and students within each year group as well as across the whole parent community.  Parent Facebook groups for each year group/class enables easy day to day communication as well as an opportunity to get involved in events.  To join your class group please contact your class parent or request to join your relevant group via Facebook.  Contact friends@eac.nsw.edu.au


EAC Community Business Directory

The EAC Community Business Directory invites all members of the College community to advertise their business enterprises online.  The directory provides you with a comprehensive listing of businesses and services offered by members of the school community.  This community initiative serves to connect families, staff, alumni, and supporters of our College throughout our community in a practical and mutually beneficial way.

For further information on being involved please contact friends@eac.nsw.edu.au or click here

The Directory is updated annually and is $50 per entry per year.


Inclusion in the EAC Community Business Directory does not imply endorsement, approval, recommendation or representation by EAC of the suitability or quality of any business, products or services for any particular purpose or use.  EAC accepts no responsibility for omissions, inaccuracies or misinterpretations to the information supplied by the participants in the EAC Community Business Directory, or for the misuse of information.  EAC reserves the right to reject or delete listings of business, products or services.

Friends Executive Committee

President – Jodie Hayter

Vice President – Carla Bahadur

Treasurer – Vanessa Hansen

Secretary – Greta Kratzer


Key Dates


28 February, 2019 NCIS Swimming (Alstonville)
12 March, 2019 AGM & Friends Meeting
21 March, 2019 Primary Disco (EAC)
9 April, 2019 Friends Meeting
4 May, 2019 Bunnings BBQ (Bunnings)
7 May, 2019 Friends Meeting
10 May, 2019 Mother Day morning tea (EAC)
11 June, 2019 Friends Meeting
23 July, 2019 Primary Athletics Carnival (Byron Bay)
2 August, 2019 Secondary Athletics Carnival (Byron Bay)
13 August, 2019 Friends Meeting
24 August, 2019 Trivia Night (EAC)
29 August, 2019 College Art Show (EAC)
30 August, 2019 Grandparents Day (EAC)
10 September, 2019 Friends Meeting
15 October, 2019 Friends Meeting
12 November, 2019 Friends Meeting
1 November, 2019 Family Picnic/Disco (EAC) Halloween Theme


For more information and opportunities to donate prizes or sponsor an event please contact friends@eac.nsw.edu.au or please click here.

For class parent information or to connect with your class parent please contact friends@eac.nsw.edu.au.

To be a part of the EAC Business Directory please click here